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It's not all about the Imperial - CoVid-19 and food

Updated: May 23, 2020

On March 13, 2020 we began our Covid19 "lockdown". Long story short, between March 13th and May 22nd we prepared all of our own meals. It was over 2 months of glorious eating, that resulted in me gaining 15 lbs and now having to join Weight Watchers. Here is our journey through food. Don't worry, you can't gain weight reading and viewing this blog.

Here is a pic of our climbing roses taken on March 13, 2020 - CoVid-19 day 1

Our weapon of choice was a portable Weber Grill. We chose it over the "big" Weber because frankly, it did a great job and made grilling almost impossible to screw up. Plus we were able to grill right on the back porch.

A breakfast Fatata, which included cheese and chopped italian sausage.

The kids favorite and the main culprit behind my weight gain, baked ziti sicilian with ricotta, mozzarella, ground beef and home made sauce.

Of course what's baked ziti sicilian without home made garlic bread smothered in butter.

Our own creation of grilled chicken topped with spinach and melted mozzarella served with rice and garlic bread.

Here is a medley of flank steak, served with salad, broccoli and leftover pasta.

Time for fun food that featured "Nachos Supreme" and Tacos, nothing like overdoing it.

Another variation of baked ziti with cheese overload.

We gave chicken milanese a try, with arugula, tomatoes, onions, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. Stuffing served on the side. It was "the bomb".

See close up below.

Nothing like cheeseburgers and onion rings, served with baked beans, cauliflower and salad. A real gut buster.

Up next is chicken gourmet.

It's so super deluxe it deserves another pic.

On the casual side we went with tuna melts, homemade fried zucchini with a side of rice.

We tried a pot luck of rice, broccoli, sausage and egg (aka fried rice) and homemade split pea soup.

Lets take a break for some homemade bread..........fresh out of the oven.

Lets take a look at that from another angle.

A fun dinner featuring frozen pizza, freshly made chicken cutlets and tasty garlic bread......bring on the carbs.

Grilled flank steak, stuffing and homemade split pea soup....yummy.

Lets see some more of that homemade split pea soup you say.................

We went all out with this homemade baked ziti sicilian served with baby back ribs in homemade sauce. The ribs were "browned" first than slow cooked in the "gravy". The total "bomb".

Again, it deserves a second look.

Who can resist tacos with all the fixins. Beans in the ground beef were a big hit.

We made a stuffed pepper concoction with ground beef, rice and cheese served with tater tots and practically evaporated off the table.

Those are some good lookin peppers.

A simple london broil, served with potatoes and salad (grown from our garden).

Switching gears, here is a breakfast consisting of scrambled "cheese" eggs, bacon and toast.

At this point we were getting out of control. This sausage sandwich delight features grilled sweet italian sausage with homemade french bread along with sauteed onions, homemade fried zucchini and salad from the garden.

A good old american classic, "cheesy lasagna" hamburger helper with ground beef and a side of string beans.

We tried the other white meat, pork chops served with stuffing, broccoli, mac&cheese and a salad.

One last flank steak served with brussel sprouts, rice and corn on the cobb.

Here is a pic of our climbing roses taken on May 22, 2020 - CoVid-19 day 70

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