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Dan's world - what's under the hood

Updated: May 21, 2020

When it came to formulating our objective for the engine compartment, it was easy. Do very little.

As stated, Master Mechanic and Mopar Specialist, Dan Juhasz who did all of the mechanical and electrical work intended to keep it "real" by maintaining originality. We used NOS where we could. The air cleaner housing is all original. Notice the compressor and yellow stamp on it. All original and in fine working order. See pic below.

We didn't touch the hood insulation. The insulation and tabs that secured it were in perfect condition for being 53 years old. Notice also the rubber seal at the top of the underside of the hood. All tabs are in place. See pic below.

Overall the engine compartment looked more like a 5 year old car than one 10 times that age. See pic below.

We were careful not to damage the factory stickers and paint stamp on the radiator bracket. See pics below.

As mentioned the AC blows ice cold. The AC tag from 1967 is still intact. See pic below.

On most Imperials the rubber wheel well covers and tabs are usually missing. Not the case here. See pics below.

It's all about the details. See pic below.

I think the "script" hoses make a nice touch. Notice the NOS Auto Temp Control Valve. See pic below.

We devoted a whole blog topic to the power steering bracket. See the finished power steering pump assembly below.

There is something about an unrestored preserved original engine compartment. See pic below.

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